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Birkdale Tavern Logo and Images

Birkdale Tavern

180 Birkdale Road, Birkdale QLD 4159

Pop in for a drink. You'll find our friendly staff are waiting to take your order and pour your next drink. Enjoy a meal with family or friends, a quite drink, or get rowdy in the TAB. Come on down and say Hi! Relax with a game of Pool and a few cold ones.

Thai River

Shp 7/ 190 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale QLD 4159
The Spice Avenue Balti Resturant Logo and Images

The Spice Avenue Balti Resturant

Shp12/ 190 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale QLD 4159

There is a fair amount of mysticism around the origin of Balti. The word Balti means ‘Bucket' which bears no resemblance to the cooking dish the ‘Korai' similar to the wok from which the Balti developed.

It is believed that the style of Balti cooking started in the northern region of Pakistan in the state of Kashmir, from where it then spread throughout the Indian subcontinent and the rest of the world (Birmingham UK) and now in Birkdale Australia. The regions close proximity to China the home of the Wok may no doubt have influenced the development of the Balti.

Finnigan's Chin

Birkdale Rd Shopping Centre, Birkdale QLD 4159