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Tracy Village Social and Sports Club Logo and Images

Tracy Village Social and Sports Club

28 Tambling Terrace, Lyons NT 810

We invite you to come and have a drink in our Club, the friendliest Club in Darwin.

History of Tracy Village Social & Sports Club

In the early hours of Christmas Day 1974, Tropical Cyclone Tracy struck Darwin with devastating high winds and torrential rainfall causing massive destruction of buildings and services and a death toll of 65. “Tracy Village” was established on a RAAF base on the outskirts of Darwin to provide housing and support amenities for the reconstruction workers who came from many parts of Australia.

Tracy Village Social Club was founded in 1975 to provide a clubroom for those workers and Darwin residents and later built sports facilities, affiliated with several ports Clubs and became Tracy Village Social and Sports Club.


Guests are welcome to sign in casually three times before they’re then required to join.

  • $20 Single Membership
  • $30 For Couples (must reside at the same address)
  • $10 Seniors & Ages Pensioners

As a member:

  • Meat Tray Raffles (Wed & Fri night)
  • Members Badge Draws (Wed & Fri)
  • Thursday Night Jag The Joker and Trivia Night
  • Lounge Bar Daily Happy Hours
  • Bistro Chef’s Selections
  • Dry Season Entertainment

Drop in to Tracy Village:
28 Tambling Terrace, Lyons - Darwin

* For Members and bona fide guests. Photo ID required.