Comfort Inn Citrus Valley - Renmark Pubs Adelaide

Comfort Inn Citrus Valley

entertainment | Renmark SA 5341

210 Renmark, Renmark SA 5341

Book Direct with the Owner at Comfort Inn Citrus Valley with Pubs Adelaide in Renmark, for all your restaurant and Food Reservations.

The Comfort Inn Citrus Valley has 25 deluxe ground floor suites with undercover parking directly at your door. Ashleys award winning restaurant and cocktail bar is another feature of the motel, where you can relax and enjoy yourself with something from the extensive food and wine menu from many of the wineries in the region.Bruce and Denise Edwards extend their hospitality to you at the Comfort Inn Citrus Valley Renmark. Citrus Valley is close to shopping precinct and walking distance to Murray River.
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